We sing for joy! We sing for life!

We sing to build community and to bring more harmony into our hearts and our world.

Drop-in anytime or join us as often as you can!


Tuesdays~ 10:30-11:50am at the Mcnail-Riley House at Jefferson and W 13th

Wednesdays~ 7 to 8:30pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Eugene at Chambers and W 13th or at the park in Summer.


Contact Karly to make sure we are meeting and to fnd out where if you are not on our email list, particularly in Summer!

Each circle: $10

Check in if money is an obstacle. There are some work-trade positions available. Your exchange is valuable to me and so is your voice!

All voices are welcome!

Make friends, bring friends!

Learn songs through call and response.

Sing heart opening, life-affirming songs from various cultures and traditions in circle.

Many of our songs are layered in parts or sung in rounds so that even inexperienced singers can enjoy instant harmony. Experienced singers are encouraged to bring the harmonies they hear or to offer the strength of their voices to support the whole.


Contact Singing Heart