Thanks for checking out my songs! This page is a major work in progress. Check back from time to time. I will have an official donate button as well as Song notes and origin stories as I keep on moving forward. Lots more songs to come, too! In the meantime, I welcome correspondence, curiosity, and feedback. Donations can be made to

All of these are original songs, written and arranged by me. We sing songs from a variety of sources in Singing Heart, but we tend to sing quite a few original songs each week because they are my medicine. Songs come to me to help me integrate and remember what is important for me. My singers seem to like them, too! I LOVE it when other people bring my songs to life, sharing their power and beauty.

If you appreciate or share these songs in your life, consider offering an expression of reciprocity and support for my creative offering and online upkeep of this song library. Many artists sell their music for set prices and many composers charge licensing fees for performance and use of songs. I offer these songs in the spirit of the gift. If you are finding joy and good use in them or if you are teaching them professionally, consider contributing what is both generous and affordable for you. A common donation for teaching use has been $25-$50. More is always welcome!

Teaching tracks to all songs are available upon request.